Bringing Your Sketchbooks To Life

Are you bored by your sketchbooks and want to turn them into exciting little Artworks in their own right?! 

Well look no further! Bringing Your Sketchbooks to Life will guide you through how to make a simple sketchbook, how to create exciting surfaces to work on, how to respond to those surfaces, and all the other things you can add to make your sketchbooks page turningly good! A fresh approach to working in sketchbooks, sure to ignite inspiration!

This course is suitable for everyone from a keen amateur to a practicing Artist – tasks can be taken at your own pace and there are always options to build in more work if you want to.

Materials Needed

There is approx 1 hour of video content and you should allow at least 1 day of working time to complete the course. You will have full access for 1 year should you wish to repeat or redo tasks.

NB this workshop was filmed right at the start of our first national lockdown in the UK! It has a ‘homemade’ feel, offering a warm and friendly workshop experience.

This workshop will guide you through the process of abstraction in response to remembered feelings and visual information gained through walking. You will learn how to make a sensory response to the environment and to use colour and mark as

From tuning in your visual and emotive mind when walking, to sensory drawings, colour studies and final pieces – this course will arm you with the tools to explore a whole world of abstraction. You can complete it in a day, or over several days – whatever works best for you!

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After purchasing a course, you will have full access for 12 months, allowing you to return anytime you want to revisit the course. Please allow up to 24 hours (it is often much quicker than this – 1 to 2 hours) for the booking to go through and receive you access link.

Do get in touch if you have any questions about any of the courses!