A Still Life – Richard Diebenkorn

A Still Life – Richard Diebenkorn
​5 Week Course

Tuesday 9.30am – 3pm
18th, 25th Feb, 4th, 11th, 18th March 2025

Tutor – Jemma Derbyshire

20th Century American Painter, Richard Diebenkorn, was famed for his figurative and abstract paintings.  However, this fame was slow to come, as the loud flamboyancy of the East Coast Abstract Expressionist movement won out for focus on centre stage.

Diebenkorn lived a quite life, surrounded by family, and took his inspiration from the everyday that surrounded him.  The coffee cup on the table, a butter knife in a glass, a figure reading.

This 5 week course will focus of the ‘still life’ works of his career.  Table top items, placed in an informal fashion, but transformed into exquisite paintings that explore the importance of abstract values, colour and composition.

Working from monochrome through to full colour, this course will arm you with a series of well considered, striking still life paintings.

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