Changing the Pace – 2 Day Acrylic Painting Workshop

Changing the Pace – 2 Day Acrylic Painting Workshop 

1st and 2nd February 2025

10am – 3pm

£180 (inc all materials and VAT)

Tutor – Dom McIvor

This workshop will ask participants to consider the speed in which they make work.  Working from a still life set up, from fast and furious drawing with paint, to mindful and considered sustained painting, you will explore the importance of the different approaches in your practice, and how it can shape the language of your work.

Looking at the work of both contemporary and historic Painters, the course will highlight the importance of shifting the pace of your painting throughout.

The use and benefits of working with Acrylic paint will be demonstrated, and there will be focus on the importance of colour mixing and tonal understanding.

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