A darkness that engenders light: Gestural Ink & Wash Studies

A darkness that engenders light: Gestural Ink and Wash Studies
28th and 29th September 2024

10am – 3pm

£180 (inc all materials and VAT)

Tutor – Brigid Collins

Over the course of two playful days, you will become an experimental researcher of the properties of one material – ink – learning about tonal values, playing with mark-making and testing a range of possible reactions caused by varying amounts of ink and water and by experimenting using different papers, to create beautifully layered ink wash effects. Initially, you will be aiming less at depictions of subjects and more at prompting discoveries that could lead you into new ways of responding to the world and/or creating more abstract compositions, through manipulation of the accidental and being guided by the material throughout the process.

Taking inspiration from ancient Asian ink paintings, along with work in ink by such diverse artists as Alexander Cozens, Piet Mondrian and Victoria Crowe, you will go on to translate all that you have discovered and experienced through experimentation out into the landscape of the garden and, by choosing either to focus on detail, or by opening out to the ‘broader stroke’ of land and sky found within the beautiful gardens surrounding Cockenzie House, you’ll create a series of ink studies through which to express your individual visual language, using your new vocabulary of ink.

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