Nature Morte – Van Gogh in Oil

​28th & 29th October 2023

10am – 3pm

£160 (inc all materials and VAT)

Tutor – Dom McIvor

In this 2 day workshop, we shall look at the work of Painting Master, Vincent Van Gogh.  The studio will transform, to mimic Van Gogh’s dark moody still lives of everyday objects.
We will introduce and question Van Gogh’s dark still life paintings, concentrating on his approach to tone, colour mixing and paint application to achieve the atmosphere that he encapsulated.
Before we begin painting, we will have an in-depth demonstration on oil palette etiquette and initial approach to painting focusing on Van Gogh’s deliberate and confident manner.

From here we will begin structuring paintings and building up the layers, whilst developing an understanding of the oil paint and supporting mediums to capture the atmospheric still life.  Over the course of the weekend, you will make 2 sustained oil paintings in response to the still life set-ups

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