Scrawl | Scroll

Scrawl | Scroll
3rd and 4th May 2025

10am – 3pm

£180 (inc all materials and VAT)

Tutor – Eleanor White

This two day course will concentrate on surface textures as well as building an image. It will look at ways of using the form of a scroll to build a loose narrative around the images gathered from both the surrounding landscape and more intimate plant forms and domestic objects. The idea of the scroll is that it can be seen in parts or as a whole. In parts it tells some of the story, rolled out the full picture is revealed. It will explore the use of asemic writing to build a base on which you will work with other materials allowing for play and experimentation, this combined with various drawing exercises you will begin to find out what images are important to you and throughout the two days, time will be given to develop them further in mixed media. The course will include slide talks to help you see potential in this way of working and can encourage risk taking moving away from the flat surface of a sheet of paper into a simple 3 dimensional form.

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