​5 Week Course

Thursday 9.30am – 3pm
24th, 31st Oct, 7th, 14th, 21st Nov 2024

Tutor – Robin Wu

The table has a long and rich history in art right up to the present day – this short course will seek to explore and build on that  – opening up the idea of the tabletop as a stage for painting.

A stage for engaging objects; clothing and costume, natural forms and flowers, pots and pans  – brought together in ways that tells stories and builds meaning. As we move from drawing into mixed media and then paint – each week there will be a different curated table top display that explores a variety of themes and ideas. At times you will be invited to bring in your own objects too, adding to the table.

Over the course we will look at a mix of contemporary and historical artists that work with the tabletop idea and you will build towards a large painting – becoming the director of your own tabletop stage and players!

Artists looked at may include: Aubrey Levinthal, Susan Wilson, Jane Freilicher, Elizabeth Blackadder and more.

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