The Expressive Summer Table

The Expressive Summer Table

9.30am – 3.30pm

15th – 18th July

Tutor – Robin Wu

Join Robin Wu as we draw, print and paint our way around an abundant summer table!

There will be a changing feast of colour and pattern, fruit and flowers, pots, pans and vessels – as we look at unexpected ways into unlocking a more expressive response.

We will look at the power of heightened colour, finding the essence of forms and the energy of mark to make engaging, vibrant and thoughtful work that is as emotive as it is descriptive. We will build throughout the week from drawing through print, collage and pastel towards a large mixed media painting in full colour – each days work seeding the next.

A variety of artists both historical and contemporary will be looked at and discussed for inspiration – touching on the colourful visual possibilities of the table top.

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