Professional Development Course

This course is designed for practicing Artists

who require professional input into their work to deepen the integrity of their practice. 

Over the course of the year, Artists will be challenged to push their boundaries, think about how they approach their practice, develop ideas and sustain bodies of work.    If you feel you need to shake things up and push your work to the next level – this course is for you!

The first term will have a number of guided projects to challenge the way you think about your work and help push you, achieving things you didn’t know you were capable of! These will include a drawing project, a large scale site specific project, a collaborative project and an artist book project.  There will be an emphasis on analysing how you work, identifying goals and ‘upping the anti’ of your work as an Artist. 

Tutor – Jemma Derbyshire
9.30am – 4pm

Sept  2023 – June 2024

Full year course

Tutor – Jemma Derbyshire

Looking at how to “run your business” as an Artist,

from setting up your website, building a social media presence, documenting your work, working with galleries and applying for competitions/grants/exhibitions will all be covered as part of the course.

The year culminates in a professional group exhibition in a central Gallery.  There are also a number of talks from Artists, Photographers and Framers throughout the year, a study trip and a Christmas Open Studios Event.

This is an intensive, fast paced 30 week course and requires commitment and a minimum of 10 hours a week of working on your own work at home on top of the course schedule.

Talking about your work in the form of crits and tutorials will be a vital element of the course.

Interviews are held for this course. Please fill in an application form to apply.

We will cover :


Professional Development Application Form

The Professional Development Course is an intensive course designed to give you the framework on which to build your professional artistic practice. Alongside your course programme tie, you will be expected to put in a minimum of an extra 10 hours working practice a week.

The course is designed to push you out of your comfort zone, and help you establish a strong working practice, develop and understand the business aspect of being a working Artist, and help push and promote your work to a wide audience Commitment and professionalism are required throughout the course.