Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

This body of work explores my love and connection to the Scottish Landscape, fuelled by a love of colour

Though primarily an oil painter, I have recently found encaustic to be a captivating medium. 

Surfaces are primed with molten beeswax and I then used a mix of beeswax, solvent and oils to paint.

I was keen to try this malleable technique to add texture and enable more mark making in my work. Through this ancient technique, I seek to convey the delicate dance between nature and abstraction.

Initial small studies using encaustic, progressed to larger pieces with textured sea flowers and Machair inspired from holidays on the beautiful Hebridean Isle of Harris. Later pieces I have used cold wax medium with oil paints which suits my more atmospheric style of painting but with added foreground textures and depth.

Delving into encaustics has given me an impetus to explore other techniques which will compliment my style thereby advancing my art in new directions.

Download Sarah’s catalogue here – Sarah Anderson Catalogue 2024 E